The Best Time to Workout

Have you wondered what time of day is best for getting your workout in for the day?

There are new studies out that prove the best time to workout is in the morning. Read the article here about the great benefits to working out first thing, before eating!

For me, morning is the best time to get my workout competed for the day. Many days it is a struggle to get my feet to hit the floor! Call me crazy but to ensure that I get my butt out of bed I keep my alarm in the bathroom!! Yep, so that I don’t just hit snooze, I set my alarm on my phone and leave it in my bathroom. This requires me to actually get out of bed to turn off the alarm. There’s no way for me to hit snooze and roll over!! Once my feet hit the floor, the most difficult part of getting the morning workout in is over.

Here are some benefits I have found with morning workouts.

1. Energy! My energy for the day is always higher when I complete my workout first thing in the morning. It is amazing how much more you can accomplish!  This also gives me more energy to chase my children around and keep up with their needs throughout the day!

2. Accomplishment! I feel so accomplished and happy when I get my workout done. I don’t have to dread coming home from work and finding time to get my workout done in between all the car pooling, cooking dinner, baths, homework, etc!

3. Accountable! I have found that I am more likely to stick to my eating plan for the day if I know that I started off the day with a good workout!

4. Sleep! I get to sleep faster and stay asleep through the night when I consistently workout in the morning. Not sure why this is,but my sleep pattern is markedly improved when getting my exercise in before breakfast.

5. Focus!  My focus on the tasks at hand throughout the day is amazing!  Getting those endorphins working first thing in the morning keeps me on track and balanced throughout the day.

Those are just a few of the reasons I find it best to workout in the morning! BUT really the best time of day to workout is whatever time you have to fit it in!

What works for you may not work for me!

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