CIZE: The End of Exercize

Who’s with me!?


Are you interested in being a guinea pig for the new CIZE program from Beachbody?!  Are you a Shaun T fan? Do you love to dance!?  Our team is starting a test group for Shaun T’s new program CIZE.  It will start on August 5!

Together we will commit to completing this new program.  It will be FUN!!! I was able to preview this program in June and let me tell you it is not easy and you will sweat, but it was SO MUCH fun even though my husband caught the end of my workout and had a few funny comments!  I’m sure I looked pretty funny going through the video the first time!  You don’t need dance moves, just motivation! We will be accountable to each other and share our successes and failures.  I look forward to starting this program next week, I hope you’ll considering joining me!

Right now you can get a CIZE challenge pack for only $140!  That’s a $40 savings!!  Everything you’ll need to join our test group will be included in the challenge pack.  Message me for more information!

21 Day Fix Preview

21 Day Fix is an AMAZING program from Beachbody.  It is not only an exercise plan, but also a clean eating program.  Over 21 days, you will workout everyday for about 30 minutes a day.  There is a different workout for each day of the week.  Day 1 is Total Body Cardio Fix, Day 2 is Upper Fix (my absolute favorite), Day 3 is Lower Fix, Day 4 is Pilates Fix, Day 5 is Cardio Fix, Day 6 is Dirty 30, and Day 7 is Yoga Fix.  Most workouts consists of several rounds of exercise that you complete for 60 seconds each and then have about 20 seconds of rest between exercises.

You will also receive a set of containers and a food plan.  The food plan walks you through step by step on what you may eat and how much.  Depending on your weight, you will be given the number of containers you may eat per day.  The red container is for proteins, the yellow for carbs, the purple for fruits, the green for veggies, blue is for cheeses & oils,  and the orange for seeds and nuts.  There is a wide variety of food to choose from and there are multiple recipes to be found online using the approved food!


Are you looking for help and support with 21 Day Fix?  Would you like to work with other women and men completing 21 Day Fix?  Would you like having someone supporting you, keeping you motivated and focused to finish the program?

If any of these questions are speaking to you, contact me at  We have a challenge starting soon and we would love to have you join us!  Email me today and I will get you started on your journey to health and physical fitness!