Cardio Fix Extreme

Have you wondered what is the difference between Cardio Fix and Cardio Fix Extreme!? 

Exhibit A!  


I am drenched in sweat!
Although Cardio Fix is a great workout, the Extreme workout takes it to a whole new level! There is very little down time with the extreme workout. You are moving almost the entire 30 minutes. With the original you get a good 20-30 seconds between moves. 

By the time I was 20 minutes in, I was pretty much working on fumes. It was difficult to push through and I did not get in nearly as many reps as Autumn and her crew! BUT I finished and now I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I’m ready to tackle the day ahead. 

The hardest part of the workout for me was the shuffle burpees. I have a love hate relationship with burpees as it is and since the burpees were one of the last exercises I was running out of steam. My shuffle wasn’t much of a shuffle! What exercise in Cardio Fix do you find most challenging?

The other major difference between 21 Day fix and Extreme is the amount of jumping.  If you have bad knees you may want to make sure you are at a good fitness level before stepping up the the extreme. Not to mention after having 4 children my bladder is a wreck; jumping can be dangerous! 

All in all I think it was a fabulous workout and it really got my heart rate pumping. And my step count on my FitBit was at 2,917. Note that I workout first thing in morning so that is a good number for a 30 minute workout! I know I did not get that many with the original 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix workout. 


Steps after Cardio Fix Extreme
What is your favorite 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme workout? 

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