21 Day Fix ~ Group Challenge – Join Me!!

Are you ready to shed a few pounds before the end of summer!?  What if I told you, YOU could lose 10lbs in the next 21 days? YES!!! You could lose up to 15 lbs in 21 days with 21 Day Fix.  The BEST part is, we can do this all in the comfort of our homes!!!

NO! You don’t have to starve yourself either! Nor do you have to spend hours in the gym.

This program is simple, truly, it is easy to do and easy to follow.  The hard part is making the commitment to follow the program daily.  Once you do though, you won’t look back.  And that’s where I come in!  I am going to be doing the program right along with you!  I will be planning my meals, completing the daily workouts, and keeping you and myself motivated! It’s only 21 days, what do you have to lose?!

Check out my before and after photos below!  Now these results were after 3 rounds of 21 Day Fix, but still the results are INCREDIBLE!!

IMG_1616As you can see I still have a ways to go, I’m not done yet.  Join me as we work towards our better self!!  Our next challenge group starts on Monday, August 24th.  As we gear up for back to school, we can stay motivated and get organized together.

Email me at RockingFitBody@gmail.com to join or message me on facebook.




CIZE: The End of Exercize

Who’s with me!?


Are you interested in being a guinea pig for the new CIZE program from Beachbody?!  Are you a Shaun T fan? Do you love to dance!?  Our team is starting a test group for Shaun T’s new program CIZE.  It will start on August 5!

Together we will commit to completing this new program.  It will be FUN!!! I was able to preview this program in June and let me tell you it is not easy and you will sweat, but it was SO MUCH fun even though my husband caught the end of my workout and had a few funny comments!  I’m sure I looked pretty funny going through the video the first time!  You don’t need dance moves, just motivation! We will be accountable to each other and share our successes and failures.  I look forward to starting this program next week, I hope you’ll considering joining me!

Right now you can get a CIZE challenge pack for only $140!  That’s a $40 savings!!  Everything you’ll need to join our test group will be included in the challenge pack.  Message me for more information!

The Best Time to Workout

Have you wondered what time of day is best for getting your workout in for the day?

There are new studies out that prove the best time to workout is in the morning. Read the article here about the great benefits to working out first thing, before eating!

For me, morning is the best time to get my workout competed for the day. Many days it is a struggle to get my feet to hit the floor! Call me crazy but to ensure that I get my butt out of bed I keep my alarm in the bathroom!! Yep, so that I don’t just hit snooze, I set my alarm on my phone and leave it in my bathroom. This requires me to actually get out of bed to turn off the alarm. There’s no way for me to hit snooze and roll over!! Once my feet hit the floor, the most difficult part of getting the morning workout in is over.

Here are some benefits I have found with morning workouts.

1. Energy! My energy for the day is always higher when I complete my workout first thing in the morning. It is amazing how much more you can accomplish!  This also gives me more energy to chase my children around and keep up with their needs throughout the day!

2. Accomplishment! I feel so accomplished and happy when I get my workout done. I don’t have to dread coming home from work and finding time to get my workout done in between all the car pooling, cooking dinner, baths, homework, etc!

3. Accountable! I have found that I am more likely to stick to my eating plan for the day if I know that I started off the day with a good workout!

4. Sleep! I get to sleep faster and stay asleep through the night when I consistently workout in the morning. Not sure why this is,but my sleep pattern is markedly improved when getting my exercise in before breakfast.

5. Focus!  My focus on the tasks at hand throughout the day is amazing!  Getting those endorphins working first thing in the morning keeps me on track and balanced throughout the day.

Those are just a few of the reasons I find it best to workout in the morning! BUT really the best time of day to workout is whatever time you have to fit it in!

What works for you may not work for me!

21 Day Fix Preview

21 Day Fix is an AMAZING program from Beachbody.  It is not only an exercise plan, but also a clean eating program.  Over 21 days, you will workout everyday for about 30 minutes a day.  There is a different workout for each day of the week.  Day 1 is Total Body Cardio Fix, Day 2 is Upper Fix (my absolute favorite), Day 3 is Lower Fix, Day 4 is Pilates Fix, Day 5 is Cardio Fix, Day 6 is Dirty 30, and Day 7 is Yoga Fix.  Most workouts consists of several rounds of exercise that you complete for 60 seconds each and then have about 20 seconds of rest between exercises.

You will also receive a set of containers and a food plan.  The food plan walks you through step by step on what you may eat and how much.  Depending on your weight, you will be given the number of containers you may eat per day.  The red container is for proteins, the yellow for carbs, the purple for fruits, the green for veggies, blue is for cheeses & oils,  and the orange for seeds and nuts.  There is a wide variety of food to choose from and there are multiple recipes to be found online using the approved food!


Are you looking for help and support with 21 Day Fix?  Would you like to work with other women and men completing 21 Day Fix?  Would you like having someone supporting you, keeping you motivated and focused to finish the program?

If any of these questions are speaking to you, contact me at rockingfitbody@gmail.com.  We have a challenge starting soon and we would love to have you join us!  Email me today and I will get you started on your journey to health and physical fitness!

Cardio Fix Extreme

Have you wondered what is the difference between Cardio Fix and Cardio Fix Extreme!? 

Exhibit A!  


I am drenched in sweat!
Although Cardio Fix is a great workout, the Extreme workout takes it to a whole new level! There is very little down time with the extreme workout. You are moving almost the entire 30 minutes. With the original you get a good 20-30 seconds between moves. 

By the time I was 20 minutes in, I was pretty much working on fumes. It was difficult to push through and I did not get in nearly as many reps as Autumn and her crew! BUT I finished and now I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I’m ready to tackle the day ahead. 

The hardest part of the workout for me was the shuffle burpees. I have a love hate relationship with burpees as it is and since the burpees were one of the last exercises I was running out of steam. My shuffle wasn’t much of a shuffle! What exercise in Cardio Fix do you find most challenging?

The other major difference between 21 Day fix and Extreme is the amount of jumping.  If you have bad knees you may want to make sure you are at a good fitness level before stepping up the the extreme. Not to mention after having 4 children my bladder is a wreck; jumping can be dangerous! 

All in all I think it was a fabulous workout and it really got my heart rate pumping. And my step count on my FitBit was at 2,917. Note that I workout first thing in morning so that is a good number for a 30 minute workout! I know I did not get that many with the original 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix workout. 


Steps after Cardio Fix Extreme
What is your favorite 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme workout? 

If you’re looking for support, motivation, and accountability email me at rockingfitbody@gmail.com for more information on our upcoming challenges and group support programs. 


Italian Haddock

Are you searching for some delicious 21 Day Fix recipes? This recipe is quick and easy!  If you are following 21 Day Fix, one serving would count as a red and a green container. I don’t always have time to prepare fancy meals, so I’m working towards finding great tasting, healthy recipes.

Start with some thawed fish. I used Haddock.  I like the individually wrapped fillets so I can prepare as little or as much as I want.

Spray a glass pan with Pam. Line the pan with your fish fillets.

Then take a can of petite diced tomatoes with no salt added and poor on top of your fillets.

Finally baked in a preheated 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes or until the fish is white and flaky.

Occasionally I will serve this with some whole wheat pasta but it is just as delicious on its own!


One Red, One Green


Weekly Meal Planning ~ 21 Day Fix

After three great rounds with 21 day fix, I lost my focus.

Has this happened to you in the past?  What are methods you use get back on track?  What is your most successful strategy for staying on track?

For me it is definitely journaling and making a weekly meal plan. I find it best to create a weekly plan and then plan my grocery shopping list.  I am a creature of habit, so I basically plan the same meals and snacks each day except for dinner.  This helps with prepping meals as well as snacks.  And keeps my grocery bill down!   Below is my meal plan for this week.

Meal PlanI always have my Shakeology in the morning after working out!  Keeps me energized throughout the day, helps curb my cravings, and it’s EASY!!  So that is always my first entry in my plan.  Then I plan my dinners.  This can be challenging.  With nine children, most of my meals need to be kid friendly.  Who has time to make two separate meals!?  Once my dinners are decided and containers checked off, it’s time to plan my lunch and snacks.  I have foods that are my go to, ones that I always have on hand…like grilled chicken breast, baby carrots, fruits, and nuts.

I use pencil to create my meal plan for the week.  I use the pencil to mark off the containers and list the food choices I am planning.  That way if something comes up on a certain day, I can easily re-plan.  When I eat something, I write down the food with pen over the pencil, then cross of the containers with a pen.

I like things to be organized and well thought out, but we all know that life happens and even the best laid plans have bumps in the road.  Using this pencil/pen approach allows me to still feel organized and in control, and at the same time not get discouraged if I wasn’t able to stay on plan.

Do you ever wander the store trying to figure out what you’ll need for the next few days or even just that evening?!

Having a weekly meal plan also helps with grocery shopping.  Having my meals planned for the week allows me to make a simple grocery list based upon my plan.  I can be in and out of the store in record time.  I also make it my goal to stick with the list….NO hidden items allowed in the cart!


Happy meal planning!!  If you are looking for more information about clean eating or 21 day fix, email me at rockingfitbody@gmail.com.

Here is a free printable weekly tally.  Weekly Tally 1200-1500 Calories

Weekly Tally 1200-1500 Calories